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I've been interested in improving my health for many years.  Since shortly after the birth of my first child in 1996, I've suffered from some seriously uncomfortable digestive issues.  Embarrassing really!  By 2010, the bloating was causing me such pain that it was best to go lie down right after dinner to relieve the pressure created by all of the gas filling my abdomen.   There were days when I looked like I was six months pregnant and by the afternoon I had to either put on elastic waisted pants or undo the top button.  The many doctors I visited were less than helpful.  Yoga helped some - more to get things "moving."  What really helped was eliminating gluten from my diet.  This was HARD!  I loved baked goods (ok, I still do).  It took me several years of giving it up, feeling better, falling off the wagon, feeling like I was dying, and giving it up again for it to stick!  

As I began to have more control over my digestive discomfort, I began to combine my dream of renovating an old farm house with a new dream of starting a farm.  I read everything about farming that I could get my hands on.  At the same time, I was reading about the health benefits associated with such diets as the Paleo diet and GAPS.  I knew that I could do better for myself and for my family. 

Meanwhile, we were hunting for the perfect property, complete with old house.  We found our farm in the spring of 2013.  When we purchased, we were not planning to live here full time, but to visit on weekends and renovate slowing.  Then that curve ball hit us hard!  One of our children had some serious medical issues.   Management at my desk job was not interested in giving me the time off that I desperately needed to take care of this child, and my husband was serving in the war zone at the time, so I was on my own.  My husband and I talked about it and decided that I would live on the farm with the kids and get this dream started.

I'm still working to improve my diet, and that of my family in general.  All of the meat consumed by our family is now produced right here on the farm!  I know it's non-GMO, free of hormones and antibiotics (except where necessary for the life of the animal), pastured and came from contented animals.  I have even learned to garden and have produced most of our vegetables this year!

It's been a hard road, but our son seems to have finally overcome his medical issues and is attending college.  Yay!  I couldn't be happier for him!  The farm is coming along beautifully and our other two children are thriving.