Living in Chaos...

I left the gate open last night when I went through the cow field to feed the pigs.  The cows, of course, helped themselves to the yard.  As I write this they are standing in the shade of the tree in our back yard.

Zach pointed out that at least “we” wouldn’t have to mow the lawn this week.  (There is no "we," mowing is NOT my job.)

I suppose the cows being in the yard is handy, because I need to catch Lucy, who is sold and needs to go to her new home.

Ok, the backyard looks really bad in this photo!

I guess the cows are in their space, so the ducks are huddled up in the shade of the well house (usually they are in that puddle that collects next to the house, we need to do something about that).




One of the livestock guardian dogs (LGD), puppy really, Loretta, had a mishap which resulted in the dislocation of her hip.  Not sure what happened, we don’t think she was hit by a car, as there is no other damage to her.  Her backside was covered with grass stains though, so we think she may have gotten tossed by a cow.  She's at Kevin's recovering this week.

Sorting pigs this week resulted in loose pigs everywhere (had to catch the two going to the processor).  Two days later, I think I have them all contained again.  We’ll see when I go to feed tonight.

I made four road trips in three days!  On the first trip I picked up our new bull Copper in Fries, VA and dropped off Michelle, a jersey cow we sold, near Greensboro, NC.  On Tuesday I picked up beef in Gibsonville, NC, returned to the farm to load most into the freezers here and then headed to Kevin in Williamsburg, VA to drop off the rest and spend the night.  Wednesday I returned to Gibsonville, NC to drop of a cow and some pigs with the processor. 

And I’m not done driving!  We are buying a herd of Tennessee Fainting goats located in Missouri!  I’m not looking forward to that drive.  But, buying an entire herd is easier and more cost effective than buying one or two at a time off Craigslist.  Especially since the ones on Craigslist are likely the ones that the owners can’t keep inside of the fence.  As soon as they receive their health certificates I’ll be hitting the road to go get them.  Did I mention that they come with their own LGD?  That’ll make four extra large dogs on the farm. 

The chaos here extends to the interior of the house as well.  I started to remove the paint from the paneling on the staircase three years ago, seems like forever ago.  I worked on it a bit again last month before it got too hot. It's now too hot to turn off the air and open the windows to work with the chemicals for paint removing...  Oh well, it's waiting for me, and I'll get back to it sometime.

Can you tell that I kind of love my chaos?  I LOVE being busy.  I could go on and on about some of the insanity here on the farm, there's ALWAYS something happening!  Projects started, projects half done, projects on the back burner.  My motto is "little by little."  Don't rush it and it WILL get done (rushing results in things like a broken tractor, busted tractor implements, overworked muscles and injury and possibly worse...).

It always looks a little crazy around here, and I know I drive Kevin nuts, but to quote Nelson Mandela:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” 

I'm reconsidering that quote, so many things feel so impossible.  Does that mean I'll never be "done?"  Great, it will keep me busy.