Red Devon Cattle

"Gourmet Beef on Grass"

2016 Red Devon bull calves at play.

2016 Red Devon bull calves at play.

Devon history

Devon are a long established breed of heritage cattle which originated in Devonshire, England.  Devon were highly valued for production of quality beef, milk and their work as oxen.  They had a reputation for being easy keepers even on rough forage. 

The first Devons arrived in American in 1623 and the breed enjoyed widespread popularity for many years.  By 1900 Devon cattle were rarely to be found outside of  New England and by the 1950's the breed nearly disappeared as grainlot finished beef became more popular.  Devon's simply became too fat to quickly in the feedlot.  

In the 1950's the majority of Devon breeders began to select animals for beef production, and these cattle became the breed that we know today as Red Devon.  At the same time a number of breeders continued to select for meat, milk and draft and these are the American Milking Devons.

Here at Franchesca's Dawn Farm our herd is comprised of a mix of both types of Devons.  Our herd sire is a registered Red Devon, as are a few of our cows.  We also have a number of registered American Milking Devon (AMD) cows.  A few of our animals used for beef will also be Red Devon/Jersey crosses from our four Jersey milk cows.


Thistle Hill farms double trouble, aka "u2"

U2 is our Red Devon herdsire.  He's an easy going bull who is not bothered by anything or anyone.  


Tess and Malacai

Tess is one of our registered AMD cows.  The bull calf at her side, Malacai, was her first calf.  Malacai was sired by U2.

We occasionally have breeding stock for sale.  Please contact us to see what we have available.